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Adam J Bell
Money, Lifestyle, and Social Media. Let’s do it.
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At this point I’ve probably watched over 50 different “how much I make on YouTube” themed videos. One, because it’s interesting to know what kind of money your favourite creators are making, and two it makes you ask yourself if you have what it takes to do the same. I don’t think I’m the only one who has interest in this topic either. The “YouTuber Life” is something tons of people dream of, or at least look into once or twice. …

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Is graduation right around the corner and you’re freaking out? Maybe you’ve always been a student and you’re not sure what real adulting will be like. Maybe you had plans to travel, but the pandemic got in the way. Maybe you had plans of getting a job right out the gate, but you’re worried that it may not happen.
Trust me, I hear you. I’ve been down that road before and have learned some valuable tips along the way to share!.
Even when you’re graduated, the learning never stops!


Networking will probably be important throughout your entire career, but it…

A US survey recently found that 75% of kids aged 6 to 17 want to be a YouTuber when they grow up.

Me — an astronaut in an alternate universe

The days of wanting to be a fire fighter or an astronaut are over. I mean who wants to stand on a big dumb rock when you could be getting thousands of likes on that new Vlog you just posted because it was EPIC

January was the first month my YouTube channel could cover my bills. January 31st was the last day at my office job.

Three years ago today, I was shaking hands with the dean and walking out the school doors for the last time. I was beyond ecstatic to start my job search and step into the video game industry. Little did I know, it would kind of suck.

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I went through my millennial life crisis at 22 as my career was getting in the way of my happiness. Working in the video game industry turned out to be far from just fun and games.

It was hard for me to leave an industry that I had grown comfortable with and knowledgeable about…

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I know everything we read these days seems to be about the COVID-19 pandemic, and my intent is not to add to the doom and gloom. But the pandemic really allowed many of us to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the small things in life. I was spending so much time at home, that my insanity really depended on my environment.
These 4 things not only kept me sane during the pandemic but are essential if you want your living space to be a place that you actually enjoy.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

If you haven’t got one already, I don’t…

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Rewind to 2019, I was working retail at a store whose products I didn’t even like. The pay was awful and working free overtime on top of that was not something I enjoyed. Although I still didn’t have an answer for when people asked “so what do you want to do with your life?” I did have an answer for what I did not want to do.
While every last one of my friends left their hometown to pursue business or engineering, I stayed, because I had no idea what my calling was.
This is how I figured it out.

Exactly how much you should continually be putting aside to live that care-free life when you are older.

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Experts say that by the time you retire you should have 10x your annual salary saved up. This amount of money will allow you to continue your current lifestyle without worries until you are old and grey.
If you make $50,000 annually, you would be able to retire once you have around $500,000 saved up (living a similar lifestyle.)

Some folks see retirement as a time to just “chill”, while others want to do more than ever and spend their money on…

Those who are good with money always put their long-term goals first, and do not let their “wants” get in the way.

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It can be easy to feel down on yourself about where you are with money. Since it is not something everyone loves to openly talk about, sometimes we wonder how we’re doing in the grand scheme of things. Although comparison will not fix money issues you may be going through, it is always important to figure out where you are now, and from that what the next step is. …

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When searching up ways anybody could make some extra cash I was greeted with some odd recommendations. Some suggestions were legit, such as buying a lawnmower and mowing lawns, but many others were a bit too extreme for my liking…

Have you ever wondered why every house in a neighbourhood is almost the same distance away from the road?
Have you ever wondered how shopping areas came to be so organizationally far away from homes?

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Part of the explanation for this is possibly of natural source, but zoning is the
main force behind how our neighbourhoods and cities are organized. Zoning is the reason we have residential neighbourhoods. Zoning is the reason that all the homes in your neighbourhood have a front yard that is relatively the same size. …

Adam J Bell

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